Sunday’s Simultaneous Movement Studies


In 2007, after significant changes in our lives, long-time dance friend Sara McMahon and I initiated a simultaneous distance improvisation study on Sundays as a way to continue our investigation of the solo body moving in space. It took us a while to settle on the mutual time of she in Sitka, Alaska at 9am and me in Vermont at 1pm. Yvonne Jacobs joined us from Arizona, and for a brief period, Tarin Chaplin was a part of the Sunday study as she navigated the last part of her life. That multi-year connected concentration in the seeds of dances and why we dance was an anchor and a nourishment for each of us, and gave me impetus for a different approach to public presentations. My August 2010 solo on the Flynn Stage – 1pm Sunday – grew from and was nurtured by these SSMS.

We have shared some excerpts from our Sunday writings.