Stage Pieces

2010, August | 1 PM Sunday

1 PM Sunday was a solo improvisation on the FlynnCenter main stage as part of the “Chance to Dance” festival of Vermont choreographers produced by Sharry Underwood. This solo was rooted in my four years of Simultaneous Movement Studies on Sunday.

Photo by Heather Cairl


2010, June | Just a Long History

Just a Long History was a structured improvisation created by Paul Besaw, Beth Hartmann, Lida Winfield and myself for the Gala Retirement Evening for Andrea Rogers who was stepping down as the director at the FlynnCenter for the Performing Arts in Burlington. We each brought our deep connections with Andrea and the Flynn to creating this quartet. The music was composed by David Severance. Just before we went on-stage, we drew numbers to determine our individual order within the structure.

Photo by Carolyn Bates


2001 | Inside Moves

Inside Moves
was a dance/theatre stage piece inspired by non-verbal language – gestures, sounds and impressions – arising from the personal interior landscape. The movements are abstract images woven together in mythic relationships to form a dream-like “story”. It was performed at the FlynnCenter for the Performing Arts on June 17th as part of a residency for three Vermont Choreographers, Outside Moves Inside, produced by Cradle to Grave Arts in partnership with the FlynnCenter.


1996 | Running Like Mad with Our Eyes Closed

Running Like Mad with Our Eyes Closed was an evening length dance/theatre piece created for and performed by Working Ground that focused on aspects hidden or partially obscured. It was part of a summer dance residency at the FlynnCenter and presented in partnership with Cradle to Grave Arts on the main stage.


1992 | Gather, Gather, Hold Your Breath

Gather, Gather, Hold Your Breath was the first dance/theatre performance created for my multi-generational ensemble of women, Working Ground. This evening-length piece was performed in the FlynnCenter’s On Stage series in January, 1993 and the FlynnCenter was the presenting partner with Cradle to Grave Arts.