Site-Specific Projects

2015 | Threads and Thresholds

Threads and Thresholds was a site-specific dance/theatre installation presented in partnership with the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, June 16-21 at the historic Kent Museum in Calais, Vermont. The theme of our shared threads and thresholds was the container for what became a personal, emotional performance within the walls of this haunting, pre-civil war tavern and inn.

© Craig Line Photographics

2012 | Dear Pina,

Dear Pina, was an evening-length dance/theatre tribute to Pina Bausch, world-renowned German choreographer who changed the shape of dance. Created for the vast and unforgettable Breeding Barn at Shelburne Farms, Vermont, and presented June 25-30, it was performed by an ensemble of 28 dancers and one tall, dignified couple. Produced by Cradle to Grave Arts, The Flynn Center, and Shelburne Farms.

Photo by Emily Boedecker

2000 | The Bus Barns Project

The Bus Barns Project was a site-specific dance/theatre performance presented June 9 & 10, 2000 that focused on transportation and its effect on our lives. It honored this 130 year old public transportation site – Vermont Transit Bus Repair Barns – and opened the door to its new incarnation as affordable rental housing and start-up businesses. The Bus Barns Project was produced in partnership with Burlington Community Land Trust and Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office. Read Peter Freyne’s review.

1999 | The Neighborhood Project

The Neighborhood Project was a trio of public art performance events during 1999 that explored, through the lens of art, Burlington s urban places. They focused on the city’s inhabitants, their homes, their gathering places, the memories shared and those uniquely individual, and addressed the question: What makes a vibrant neighborhood? This was produced in partnership with Burlington Community Land Trust and Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office.

1998 | The Hay Project

As part of a large art installation focused on hay, I created, in collaboration with members of the ensemble, a movement site piece for locations on Shelburne Farms to bring attention to the landscape that had been designed by Fredrick Law Olmstead. The Hay Project was presented in 1998.

photo by Chris Bertelsen
photo by Chris Bertelsen

1998 | Spirit of Place

In the summer of 1998, I was invited to be part of a sculpture festival, Spirit of Place, on land in Huntington, Vermont for which I made a duet with Mary Spayne. In preparation, we spent a day on the land, deciding upon the sites within the larger setting. We did a one day-long performance in silence.

photo by Chris Bertelsen
photo by Chris Bertelsen

1997 | The Waterfront Project

The Waterfront Project
was an art event designed for the first Sunday of every month of 1997 that took place on the post industrial waterfront of Burlington. It focused on offering alternative perspectives for the re-integration of the abandoned buildings and 45 acres of open land. This was produced in partnership with Burlington’s Community and Economic Development Office and Burlington’s Planning Office.

Videographer: Chris King Hall
Photographer: Chris Bertelsen
Composer: Lar Duggan – Lake Studies

1996 – 1997 | Over Clouds Rot

Over Clouds Rot was a group of dance artists who collaborated to create and perform a structured site improvisation as part of the Art Hop in Burlington VT, the years of 1996 & 1997.

photo by David Hershkowitz
photo by David Hershkowitz

1995 | The Rose Street Bakery Project

The Rose Street Bakery Project addressed the basic needs of food and shelter in a 10-hour weekend performance in an abandoned building that became Vermont’s first artist cooperative the following year. The Bakery Project was produced in partnership with Burlington Community Land Trust.

1995 | The Mill Project

The Mill Project was a 54 hour performance in a renovated woolen mill that focused on the textile industry at the turn of the 20th century in Winooski, Vermont and on the concerns of past and present-day workers everywhere. This was produced in partnership with The City of Winooski and The Woolen Mill.