Audience Reactions

I had no idea what to expect- and was completely blown away. As I’ve told friends today, I have never seen nor probably will ever see anything quite like that performance.

I was absolutely stunned – the setting, the lighting, the costumes, the birds, the music, the dancers – unbelievably beautiful! Loved it – a visual elixir.

I once saw Pina in Berlin, and think that she was smiling in approval.

I was immersed in another world of sounds, sights, emotions, touch, like walking into someone’s dream and dwelling in it for a long time.

The setting, passion, chaos, physicality, & struggles were so poignant, speaking to unknown places.

It was surprising and beautiful and uncomfortable in all the right ways. I cried. I was frightened. I laughed and felt such joy.

I felt softly and most deeply led on a profound journey to a place both beneath and beyond time or place; all of my senses were touched and awakened. Precious.

I have no idea what I was “supposed” to feel – just know I was close to tears and laughter most of the time. The lighting and music melding with it all was breathtaking.

There are images that will remain with me for a very long time.

An evening to remember for a long time! Thank you.

I’ve never experienced dance in so many layers of my being.

You made something that has left lasting beautiful ripples.

One thing that stays with me over and over is the connection between the dancers and audience. That is what made the piece so powerful for me and why I wanted to see it over and over.

I witnessed the whole human condition, joy and aggravation, brutality and tenderness, up close – made more so because we were in the dirt with you.

Some dance performances I leave inspired, but remote from the physical perfection. With Dear Pina, aspects of our humanity were made so accessible that I left feeling deeping connected and bigger in spirit.

The music was like a sound road that anchored me while watching.

The layers of mysterious images were perfect odes to Pina. You allowed vignettes and relationships to appear and disappear in the texture of the piece without much ceremony or need to have all the ends tied together too neatly; I appreciated being given the freedom to interpret.

It was like walking into someone’s dream and getting to dwell in it for a long time.
Absolutely stunning, beautiful, amazing, wonderful, sensitive, and I was so impressed with the ensemble, their relating to one another, the sense of community I witnessed.

I felt I had taken a journey with everyone in the room — dancers, musicians, birds, audience members, air, soil, sun. We breathed, sweated, imagined, felt, gasped, wondered. It was like a full-length opera or a seven-course meal or a requiem.