Cradle to Grave Arts, Inc


photo by Meg Pond

Cradle to Grave Arts, Inc. is a Vermont 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, begun in 1991 by Hannah Dennison and a board of community supporters of contemporary dance. Its artistic and educational purposes and mission are three-fold: (1) Advancing the creative process of developing and presenting dance/theater performances; (2) Engaging communities in educational opportunities about contemporary dance; and (3) Developing the community of contemporary dance artists in the region.

During its 30 years of activity, Cradle to Grave Arts has flourished, becoming known for its community-based performances which attract a growing, varied audience, and for its commitment to education in the field of contemporary dance. In most of its public presentations, Cradle to Grave Arts forms partnerships with other arts and community organizations and works with participating dance artists who have received community, state, regional and national recognition.

The current board includes: Ellen Smith Ahern, Emily Boedecker, Selene Colburn, Hannah Dennison, and Lida Winfield.

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