May Update

Photographer: Julia Barstow

We are nearing the end of our off-site creation and rehearsal period based at Contemporary Dance and Fitness Studio in Montpelier, one of our Presenting Partners. Thanks to their generosity, we have had ample time to develop the work and are ready to take it to the quarry.

In August, our time on site will be devoted to resolving all technical infrastructure, building and floating all the stages and spending two weeks putting the scenes/dances in the site. This will be the time to see how well what we imagined works in reality. Each day that it is not raining, the ensemble and tech crew will be on hand to run the scenes, make alterations as needed, correct problems when they crop up, and capture it on film. 

Here is a clip from last summer.

Let me introduce my two closest collaborators who have navigated all aspects of this project from the beginning. Their photographs were taken by Emily Boedecker.

Leslie Anderson and I have had 30 years to grow our collaboration and deepen our respect for one another as artists. She is NYC trained in visual art and ballet. She first joined my multi-generational company of women in 1992 but quickly shifted to being costume designer and someone I turned to for all aspects of creating. When we made a piece at the Kent Museum in Calais, her interior design skills were featured as she made this historic space into a dream- scape for the performance of Threads and Thresholds. For The Quarry Project she is combining both skills – costume and set – to make the worlds we inhabit on the water.

Amy LePage and I first made contact in 2010 at the Flynn Theatre when we were part of an evening of Vermont Choreographers. I remember when we were in the “green room” talking about our dance lives, I mentioned I was in the early stages of making a tribute to Pina Bausch and seeking partners to realize the choreography. She let me know she was very interested. Together with Hanna Satterlee we made Dear Pina and developed a strong bond in the process. When The Quarry Project began to take shape in my head, I asked Amy to create the dances with me. It has been a lovely partnership as we have encouraged and witnessed each other grow in our roles and creative lives.   

Support for The Quarry Project comes from the Vermont Arts Council, The Oakland Foundation, The Amy Tarrant Foundation, The New England Foundation for the Arts, Polycor, The Flynn Center, and many generous individuals. Please consider giving to support the work of Amy and Leslie, and ultimately, this project.