April Update

Photographer: Julia Barstow

This newsletter will highlight the two collaborators who create the primary public visuals for the project: Lukas Huffman – film director/editor, and Julia Barstow – photographer.  

Please consider supporting their work this summer, here is the link. We need to raise $12,000 to cover their stipends. 

The Quarry Project is funded by the Vermont Arts Council, The Oakland Foundation, The Amy Tarrant Foundation, The New England Foundation for the Arts, Polycor, The FlynnCenter, and many generous individuals. 

Julia Barstow and I met for the first time when she was a student at Bennington College, studying visual arts, dance, and journalism. In 2015, she studied photojournalism and Arabic in Rabat, Morocco. By 2016, she had her BA from Bennington and in 2017, we sat down to talk about The Quarry Project. To me, having danced with her in two workshops, she seemed a natural fit with her photographic emphasis on connection to place and her felt sense of the body in motion. Her initial images from that day in 2017 in the quarry launched the public face of the project. Her stunning photographs from summer 2018 are what have been gracing these newsletters. She will be in residence in the quarry for August 2019. She currently makes her home in Portland, Oregon.

Lukas Huffman and I have been partners since 2012 when he created the film for Dear Pina at Shelburne Farm’s Breeding Barn. He then went on to edit footage for Threads and Thresholds at the Kent Museum in Calais, and last year’s quarry film. He will be in the Wells Lamson again this summer to make the second of a trio of films that capture this project. When not in the quarry, Lukas is based in Brooklyn NY with his wife Lauren and daughter Clara where he runs Huffman Studios. Lukas’ past life as a professional snowboarder was what convinced me he could film dance. Here is a short clip from last summer.

In anticipation of green grass,