End of the Year News

Photo by Julia Barstow

The Quarry Project has proven to be a truly ambitious and far-reaching creation. Here is what we realized in 2018 and are anticipating for 2019:

The Quarry Project was selected for a National Dance Project (NDP) finalist award – a big deal for yours truly, 1st VT dance artist to be invited to the final round, and one of a tiny handful of site-specific dance artists considered. I was encouraged to re-apply in 2019.

Cradle to Grave Arts was honored by the Vermont Arts Council, along with two other long-standing VT arts organizations for our commitment to working in community. The $5000 award sited The Quarry Project as an excellent example of Creative Placemaking.  

Our August time in the Wells Lamson Quarry was magical, arduous, informative, and very encouraging: 

  • We connected with many locals who shared stories of the quarry; 
  • New stages were constructed with local help and six scenes were developed with 17 dancers and musicians; 
  • A short film was created from the 2018 footage which will be screened during 2019; 
  • The quarry owner, Polycor, continues to stand by this project, knowing its intrinsic value to the community, the state, the region and all its citizens;
  • Our fundraising efforts for 2018 have been successful, which means a great start for this third year developing The Quarry Project
  • Linda Waite-Simpson has come on board as the Project Coordinator. She is proving to be steady, smart, calm, efficient and highly competent. It means I can direct the majority of my focus on the design, creation, and development of this project. If you have questions about the project, they can be directed to Linda, either email or phone 881-8528;
  • The Technical Team has come up with practical and safe solutions to making stable floating stages. This winter, a Technical Director will join us to develop and refine the infrastructure, be onsite this summer to make sure all is running smoothly and carry us through 2020;
  • The full ensemble of 31 skilled performers (dancers and musicians) have begun. They are a powerful group. Starting in January, we will train and rehearse together, preparing for our 2019 Development Phase in the quarry, and ultimately, the 2020 performances.  

The Quarry Project is firmly rooted in the belief that art has the power to reveal, illuminate and clarify our worlds. Together, we are engaging with others, learning from the quarry history and our surroundings (the deep waters and high granite walls of the Wells Lamson), and honoring the long arc of the creative process. We are crafting a piece of art that, from all our research, is unique; nothing like this has been made anywhere. Please join us. Click here to donate, either in one lump sum or reoccurring over the course of the year.  Here is a short clip from 2018.

May this new year be a healthy one in all ways.
With Gratitude,

Photographer, Julia Barstow/Graphic Designer, Linda Provost