The Quarry Project, September 2018

Photographer: Julia Barstow



August was a full month for The Quarry Project: construction of new stages, expansion of the infrastructure, rehearsals of the scenes created in the studio, and capturing them on film. Our days were deeply satisfying, shimmering with magic and at the same time overwhelming, scary and grinding. Ultimately, we got exactly what we sought in terms of a further understanding of the setting and the creative ideas that arose from it. We have a clear path forward.

Julia Barstow’s photographs of the HOUSE and CHAIR scenes beautifully capture the multi-faceted nature of this evolving project. A film clip will be ready next month.

Photographer: Julia Barstow

I want to thank the following individuals, businesses and foundations for their part in 2018 Development Phase of The Quarry Project. It is clear that it takes many interested and committed people to bring such an endeavor to life:

Steve Adams
Ellen Smith Ahern
Leslie Anderson
Michelle Bailey
Julia Barstow
Carolyn Bates
Maddy Bell
Nick Bennett
Emily Boedecker
Paul Besaw
Mark Borthwick
Paul Bruhn
Sue Burton
Nicole Carignan
Joyce Cellars
Coulter Cluett
Selene Colburn
Emilye Corbett
Amy Cunningham
Jessica Deschenes
Ruth Drake
Erin Duffee
Nel Emlen
Patricia Fontaine
Drew Frazier
Tom Gardner
Barbara Gavin
Anna Marie Gewirtz
Ilene Gillander
Harry Grabenstein
Sharyl Green
Sofia Hirsch
Neil Hochstedler
Ginger Hobbs
Joan Holcombe
Christine Holt
Jesse Huffman
Lukas Huffman
Damien Hutches
Keith Ingalls
Mary Lynn Isham
Stefan Jacobs
Sarah Judd
Patrick Kelly
Cyd Knight
Faith Knowles
Doreen Kraft
Peter Lackowski
Bev Lawson
Amy LePage
Becky Lescaze
George Little

Bob Machin
Ben Machin
Allison Mann
Tracy Martin
Terence Mathieu
Carolyn McCarthy
Thomas McNeil
Karen Mittelman
Brad Morse
Jeffrey Morse
Susan Morse
Michael Nedell
Bob Neeld
Radetta Nemcosky
Liana Nuse
Kevin Otis
Vicky Paton
Patrick Perus
Leigh Phillips
Alana Phinney
Pamela Polston
Bob Pope
Glen Prior
Linda Provost
Janet Ressler
Pat Robins
Hanna Satterlee
Lisa Schamberg
Andric Severance
Dave Severance
Linda Waite Simpson
Kevin Spaulding
Lisa Spencer
Fran Stoddard
Vicki Tansey
John Thomas
Chris Violette
Elaine Wang
Steve Ward
Avi Waring
Lida Winfield
Michael Wisniewski
Willow Wonder
Charith Zickmund

Vermont Arts Council
Oakland Foundation
National Dance Project
Southgate Steeplejacks
RETN – Community Media
The Flynn Center

I am profoundly grateful.