The Quarry Project – April Update

Photographer: Julia Barstow

Oh, April is indeed cruel this year. It is snowing. I continue to feed the birds. My lettuce starts are leggy, waiting. We are all waiting.

At the end of March, I took a trip to Quebec City to meet with Patrick Perus, CEO of Polycor, and the company lawyer to further clarify the relationship. Perus and I will see each other again in early May, and hopefully I will have the definitive green light that I am seeking.

Before I left for Quebec, a donor came forward with a big contribution/challenge that if matched by Polycor this year, will give the project strong legs on which to move forward. Thank you, Tom, for your generous, unsolicited pledge. Along with this promise, I brought all the words of support that flooded my mailbox when I voiced my doubts. Your belief in this project and my abilities accompanied me on my journey north. Gratitude all around.

Snow cancelled the first two of the Community Information Gatherings in March at the local school. At the most recent one, Steve Adams and Barbara Gavin shared their memories of growing up in town while the Wells Lamson was active. Their stories are just what I hoped to hear. We will hold more meetings in May, this time at Websterville Selectboard Meeting Room to continue to listen to our neighbors. People are stepping forward to chronicle the memories. These writings will be on-hand at each gathering and ultimately incorporated in The Quarry Project book that Leslie Anderson recently made.

Discussions are underway with Spaulding High School’s Work-based Learning program to engage students at all stages with this project.

Each day brings new ideas, discussions, and possibilities that give The Quarry Project even more definition and depth. Here is another film from last summer by Michael Fisher.

Thank you for your continued interest.
If you are able to make a donation to the 2018 development phase, you can do so securely online or you can send a check made out to Cradle to Grave Arts to PO Box 8, Chelsea VT 05038. The money will go to paying the artists involved in the quarry experiments this summer.
If you want to volunteer for various aspects of the project, the link is where you can sign up.




Linda Provost: Graphic Designer