Help Commission the Quarry Project

Photographer: Julia Barstow  /  Dancer: Amy LePage

Since clearing the initial hurdle of access permission to the Wells Lamson as the site for a new dance/theatre project, I and my core production partners have been taking the next steps.

Currently, we are gathering people to focus on particular branches of the project: Media, Fundraising, Technical, Administration, Education, Community, History, Institutional Partnerships, and Production; so many layers in this three-phase project, all important to the stability and success of the final performance.

In preparation for the coming summer of further testing and refinement in the Quarry, my collaborating artists and I are working on choreography, sound, lighting, set, and costume designs. It is my goal that by the summer, I am focusing the majority of my energy and attention on the creation and direction of the piece.

Last year, two people gave money towards this project (even though it was still just a desired dream) which allowed us to pay for materials and construction of the prototype stages as well as initial research into appropriate grants. Now, with permission in hand, I am turning to you to help jump-start the Phase Two budget of $106,500.

You know the importance of the act of creating and the many ways that art enhances and transforms our lives. Thank you for your past support. Here are three ways you can be part of commissioning the new work:

  1. You can make a secure donation below
  2. You can send a check to Cradle to Grave Arts – PO Box 8 – Chelsea VT 05038.
  3. You can contact me for details for a donation of stock.

If you would like to join a support ensemble to volunteer your skills, click here to sign-up on my website. Help is needed in the following arenas: Media, Fundraising, Technical, Administration, Education, Community, History, Institutional partnerships, and Production. Together, we can slowly and surely bring this unique project to a powerful completion.


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Your secure donation is tax-deductible and goes directly to supporting the creation and production of The Quarry Project. If you prefer to donate by check, please mail your contribution to Cradle to Grave Arts, P.O. Box 8, Chelsea, VT 05038. For details on donations of stock, please contact Hannah.


Graphic Designer: Linda Provost