Good News!

Cradle to Grave Arts just signed an Agreement with Polycor/Rock of Ages that clears the way to producing a dance/theatre project in the Wells Lamson quarry, summer 2019. Though it took a year and a half for the permission, it was a very instructive/productive period of time.
Here are two images – one from our July days with dancers on my neighbor’s pond; and one from our late August sonic/perspective/lighting test day in the quarry – and a short video, filmed and edited by Michael Fisher.


photo by Emily Boedecker


photo by Julia Barstow


Filmed & Edited by Michael Fisher


I thank the following people who gave their support, skills and time during Phase One. Each of you contributed to this rich “Stone Soup.”  Without your collective weight leaning into the possibility of such a project, I would not be at this threshold.

Ellen Smith Ahern
Leslie Anderson
Julia Barstow
Nick Bennet
Philip Bither
Emily Boedecker
Nicole Carignan
Peter W Carpenter
Denise Casey
Peter Clavelle
Coulter Cluett
Selene Colburn
Sara Coffey
Emilye Pelow Corbett
Nick DeFriez
Michael Fisher
Patricia Fontaine
Drew Frazier
Tom Gardner
Anna & Kim Goodling
Sue Higby
Tom Hill
Christine Holt
Sofia Hirsch
Lukas Huffman
Jesse Huffman
Paul Hutchins
Stefan Jacobs
Laurel Jenkins
Molly Kaye
Patrick Kelly
Pam Knights
Babette Kurylo
J Ladd
Amy LePage
George Little
Sudie Marcuse
Jackie Marshall
Terence Mathieu
Jeff Morse
Susan Morse
Sara McMahon
Patrick Perus
Leigh K Phillips
Alana Phinney
Bob Pope
Angelique Priscilla
Rebecca Purdom
Janet Ressler
Pat Robins
Genevieve Robichaud
Andrea Rogers
Josh Sainz
Jan Sandman
Coltere Savidge
Lisa Schamberg
Andric Severance
Dave Severance
Dan Smith
Jay Southgate
Ellen Temple
Brenda Torpy
Laura Trieschmann
Chris Violette
Elaine Wang
Avi Waring
Alec Webb
Jess Wilson
Lida Winfield
Willow Wonder

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