Cradle to Grave Arts News

Threads and Thresholds, 2015  /  Photo by Emily Boedecker

Threads and Thresholds Film Update
It is complete Lukas Huffman did a lovely piece of work, a dream, a memory fragment.  What a pleasure it was working with him. He would love to hear from you. Click on the title above to see it. The film is on RETN (Burlington) and will be on ORCAMedia (Montpelier). Please forward it to friends and family, and let me know your response. If you want a dvd, I’d be happy to make one for you.

Teaching Update
Coulter and Lisa
Each week, when I mentor both Coulter and Lisa in Montpelier, our time together grows richer and more fertile. Last week, the three of us spent four hours focusing on a duet we hope to have ready to show sometime this spring.  When it is ready, you will hear about it.
I am grateful to all who made a donation to support Lisa Spencer’s year with me as her mentor. We reached the goal of $6000.

I have just made an agreement with Denise Casey to be her mentor for six months.  Together we will concentrate on exploring her edges in order to expand her palette for future creations. Denise is passionate, daring and committed. She comes to dance from an athletic background (as did I) and several years in a monastery where she took the Bodhisattva vows of loving kindness. She has immense courage and, as a way to learn by fire, made and performed a solo, Got This Voice . On February 27th at 7pm at Main Street Landing in Burlington, Denise will be showing her latest work Born of Belly.

Improvisation Laboratory
These classes continue to expand as the practice of improvisation deepens for more and more people. I love the training of being in the moment, able to respond, and am thankful for the opportunity to offer these skills to others.

Creation Update
Dave has handed over his new piano quartet to Sofia Hirsch and Liz Reid from Threads and Thresholds who will bring it to rehearsal of their quartet, Northern Third. It is our hope that it will become part of their repertoire.

I am currently in conversation with civic partners for the Quarry Project in order to gain support for this huge project and site permission for this summer. If that  is secured, I will be in there during this summer to start experimenting. Cross your fingers that I am granted the necessary permission.